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The Muzzle Stopper consists of 3 parts -
1st Head or Cap.
2nd Pin or Shank.
3rd The Cork.

The Head or Cap is made of iron or brass according to the mountings of the arm for which they are intended, it having been decided by order of 26 August 1865 81/B/156 No 7. New Series, paragraph 1134, that brass headed stoppers are to be issued with brass mounted arms, and iron headed stopper with iron mounted arms irrespective of service.

The iron cap or head is 1st forged.
2nd Annealed and pickled.
3rd Recess for Cork bored.
4th Turned on the outside.
5th Screw hole for the shank drilled & tapped.
6th Case hardened.

The shank is made out of square iron.
1st Wire clipped to length.
2nd Washer punched out of sheet iron.
3rd Washer riveted on wire and cupped.
4th Washer brazed on wire.
5th Shank milled & threaded.
6th Head polished.
7th Blued.

The Cork is sawn into strips, then milled to diameter & afterwards a hole is drilled through the centre from end to end, for the Shank.

This consists in passing the Shank up the cork, screwing on the head & riveting it.

The Muzzle Stopper is marked on the head with the usual view mark.

NOTE- The Cork for a Muzzle Stopper should last 2 years after which they may be condemned for "wear & tear".

By: G.C. Holden