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Snap Cap

Snap Cap

The snap cap for all arms with guard swivels consists of 4 parts. For those not having guard swivels 5 parts.

The 4 parts are -
1st Snap Cap head of iron, 2nd Chain of brass, 3rd Split ring of steel wire and 4th Pad of leather.

The Head is manufactured on the same principle as the other parts of iron furniture, and when finished polished & blued.

The Chain is made of thick brass, pieces being punched out sufficient to form each link.

The Steel Split Ring, is supplied by contract.

The Pad consists of two bits of leather fastened together by fish glue. The under piece of leather has a hole in it for the nipple, & at the bottom of which there is a small thin disc of brass punched out of sheet brass & pressed into the bottom of the hole to protect the leather which is expected to last 1 year. The leather is pressed into the head by a vice at such an angle as to receive the hammer fair on the surface of the leather.

When all the parts are manufactured the Snap Cap is assembled by fastening the chain on to the head & putting in the leather pad & attaching the ring.

Mode of Attaching
The Snap Cap is secured to the Rifle by passing the split ring over the guard swivel. Those pieces which have no guard swivel have an eyelet screwed into the swivel plate of the trigger guard to which the split ring is attached. This is the 5th part previously adverted to.

By: G.C. Holden