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Source: Bristol Worthies and Other Notable Residents by A. B. Freeman (Burleigh Ltd., Bristol (UK) 1909)

George Gibbs

Carried on for a great many years the business of a gunsmith in Bristol, which is still in the hands of his family, and at the time of the commencement of the Volunteer movement in 1859, he probably knew more of the manufacture and use of weapons for warfare than anyone in the Bristol District, and if the writer is not mistaken, held the contract for the supply of the articles in his line required for the equipment of many of the Volunteers in the West of England. He was a grave, solemn looking man of about medium height, wearing a dark beard, moustache, and spectacles, and a specialist in rifle shooting, in connection with which he won many prizes at the various corps meetings of those days, and practised much at the ranges. He also inaugurated a private range, which was greatly patronized by his customers and others desiring to perfect themselves in shooting, and we think it was eventually taken over by the Bristol Rifles for the use of the members. From his long connection with the manufacture of firearms, he made a constant study of shooting, and was regarded as a high authority on the subject, and his advice was eagerly sought by intending aspirants. Anyone who saw him at work at the butts felt that with him, it was not a pastime, but a serious and important matter to which he devoted his energies and intelligence. He died at an advanced age, regretted by a large circle of comrades and friends by whom he was regarded with respect and esteem.