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British Firearms
A collection of articles providing a rich resource of 19th century texts along with new articles on the guns and gunmakers of Great Britain.


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Musketry Instruction
For the soldier to take advantage of the advances in firearms technology, so musketry instruction needed to evolve to meet changing military tactics and capabilities.
'Pickets' versus Bullets - Musketry instruction in the British Army. [1859]
Chalons - The Camp - A comparative overview of the arming and training of the French and British Soldier. [1859]

Brown Bess
Brown Bess - Some thoughts on the origins of the name, 'Brown Bess.' [1858]
The Brunswick Rifle - Arthur Hare ©2004. Gives a brief illustrated history of this interesting rifle
The Enfield Rifle - A visit to the Ordnance Factory, Enfield. Includes manufacturing processes and observations on the finished rifle and bullet specifications. [1859]
War Department Notes | Muzzle Stopper | Snapcap | Nipple Wrench | Manufacture of Barrels, Pattern 1853 | - Detailed texts reprinted from hand written notes by G.C. Holden, Assistant Superintendent of Stores, written in 1866
P'53 Enfield Production Markings - Bill Curtis ©2004
Managing the Enfield - W.S. Curtis ©2001. The rifle, equipment, loading and shooting, sighting, cleaning, bedding. An original article by a former World Record holder
Enfield Paper Cartridges - David Minshall ©2004. On the manufacture of paper cartridges for the muzzle loading Enfield rifle
The Lee Rifle - Overview of the development of the Lee Magazine Rifle and its adoption in England. [1889]
Martini-Henry & Martini Enfield
The Future Weapon of the British Soldier - Summary of the development of the Martini-Henry and issue for trial to troops. [1869]
The New Martini-Enfield Rifle - The issue from the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield, for trial and report, of the new .40-inch bore Martini-Enfield rifle. [1884]
The Snider Breech-Loader Rifle - Details of the rifle and cartridge with, reportedly, the earliest published detailed illustrations. [1866]
The Soper Rifle - Detailed and illustrated description of the rifle's mechanism. [1867]

Historical Developement of Firearms
The following articles drawn from 19th century sources provide an overview of firearms development from the earliest times.
Sketch Of The Progress Of Invention In Offensive Arms - Summarises the progress of invention in weapons used by an individual. Touching on the javelin and the bow the article then focuses on firearms used either in hunting or war. [1852]
What Is A Revolver? - A brief overview of firearms development, including discussion on the Minié bullet and needle gun. Following on is a review of Colonel Colt's revolver and commentary on his London factory. [1853]
Trial Of Breech-Loading Revolvers - Trial report of tests carried out at Woolwich Arsenal, England, comparing the Adams and Colt breech-loading revolvers. [1869]
Old English Rifles - A short history c.1800-1886. Includes rifle specifications. [1886]

Gunpowder, Ignition Systems & Ammunition
Anecdotes and articles relating to gunpowder, firearms ignition systems through the ages and the development and history of breech loading ammunition.

Gunpowder - Some anecdotes concerning gunpowder from the 18th Century "Gentleman's Magazine".
Drams or Drachms? - Problems in the measurement of gun powder charges resulting from the use of different terminologies.
The Saltpetre-Man - Correspondence relating to the role of the 17th Century saltpetre-man. [1853]
Manufacture of Percussion Caps - A brief review of the manufacturing process. [1858]
The Copper Percussion Cap - Biography of Joshua Shaw, Artist and Inventor, and the early history of the copper percussion cap. [1869]
Eley's Patent Wire Cartridge - The term 'Cartridge' in the context of the muzzle loading era did not always mean 'a complete round with powder'. In shotgun terms, it meant a package containing the shot charge and possibly the wadding.
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