Westley Richards

This rifle was sold at Auction in New Zealand in December 2001. Price realised not known.




Lot 887
.461 Calibre Westley Richards Deeley Edge Metford Match Breech Loading Target Rifle. 32 1/2" heavy round tapered barrel marked "Metford's Patent Rifling", and "B.J. Burgers" in gold lettering, probably a previous owner. Left side of receiver marked "Sole Manufacturers Westley Richards and Co London & Birmingham". Right side marked "Deeley - Edge - Metford Patent Match Rifle". Receiver crown marked "1883" within a triangle. Bore quite good. Finely engraved receiver, breech block lever and trigger guard. Barrel has been reblued. Horn fore-end nose cap. Chequered metal butt cap, trap flap a replacement. Walnut butt stock with a chequered bag shaped pistol grip is a replacement. Has two Gibbs Vernier type adjustable rear sights which were made by Mike Neumann in Johannesburg. The rifle can be fired in the prone or back position. S/N 1082. GWO&C. Comes with 10 custom made rounds and 7 fired custom made cases.

with permission


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