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Creedmoor 1874 - 2024Recreating History, Creedmoor - 2024

Oak Ridge, TN

March 27-29, 2020 - **CANCELLED**

The second preliminary in recreating history will commence again this spring. I have to say the first match last year was a great success, not only with the camaraderie, but the shooting itself. It was so close at the end of the match, only 1 point separated the top Breech Loader and top Muzzle Loader. This was again true with the top 4 spots, but the Muzzle Loaders were on top. I can't wait until this year.

After over 20 years of hosting LRML matches, I have again been given approval from the Oak Ridge (ORSA) BOD to host a Historical recreation of the original Creedmoor Match of 1874 thru to 2024. The NMLRA BOD have agreed to assist with sponsoring the match with awards. Be prepared to attend as many of these Historical matches as possible, it will be over in 2024. Yes, it will be Muzzle Loaders vs Breech Loaders in a format that allows both disciplines to compete with ample time.  

My traditional 4 man squad rotation will again be in effect. ML will be pair firing for the 1 hour relay and the BL will be paired as well, but each of them will only get 30 min by themselves - totalling the 1 hour relay. Then, we’ll rotate shooter to pits and scorers as we've done for years.

This year we'll be shooting 300 & 1000 on Friday and 600 & 1000 on Saturday (both distances on Saturday will be unsupported). If you've noticed, I've increased another distance unsupported - I promised we'd gradually increase this as we'll be shooting all distances unsupported (most likely) by 2022. Relay times will be 1 hr at each distance, these relay times may vary (extended) depending on participation. Sighters and 10 scored shots at each distance on square targets. 

The cost of the match, including the commemorative gift and meal will be $85. There will have a catered dinner again in the Oak Ridge clubhouse following Fridays day of shooting – 5pm. Non-shooters will be $15/head for dinner so please let me know so I can plan accordingly.

As with all my previous matches, this Match is designed to be an enjoyable shoot and as much as everyone wants to do their best, sportsmanship is needed in order for it to work successfully. This means that when you are shooting, you'll need the utmost attention from your spotter and pitman to assist you and vice-versa. This especially holds true at 1000 yards. This translates into good communication / feedback to the shooter when the pitman and spotter are doing their job. Please bring 2-way radios if you have them and batteries.

Let me highlight that ORSA is allowing you use their facilities and it shall be treated with such respect at all times. This also means there are NO pit boys/girls (at this time) and we all must be willing to spot and pull targets for each other. I will serve as range officer. High-power shooters primarily use the ORSA range and there are NO provisions for Muzzleloaders, i.e. loading tables or covered firing line! ML shooters are expected to bring their own loading table to safely support their rifle.

Please feel free to publicize this/any information on CREEDMOOR 2024.

Rick Weber


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Rick Weber