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Research Press Digest features newly written articles and reprints of scarce 19th and early 20th century texts relating to firearms, long range target shooting and military history. Key subjects covered are match and military rifles. Both the rise and demise of the match rifle are charted, along with the challenges of hand loading ammunition. A history of progress of military firearms to 1866 precedes an introduction to the Whitworth rifle and a history of the Rifle Musket, Pattern 1853. The latter is written by Colonel Hay of the School of Musketry, Hythe in 1855. ‘The Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield’ provides historical background to and a description of this model establishment at the time that the Martini-Henry rifle was in the hands of British soldiers. Looking further afield, ‘The Small Arms of European Armies’ (1889) gives coverage of the subject from an American viewpoint, being written by a US Inspector of Ordnance. Context to the rapid growth of interest in rifle shooting in Great Britain, from the mid-19th century, is given by an early history of the School of Musketry, and an article on the British Volunteer System. Many of the reprints are supplemented with annotation providing historical context to the original articles, plus images from the editor’s collection. The reprints have been freshly typeset. - - - - - -

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