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Percussion Caps

There are several brands of percussion caps available and they too differ in performance. The Gibbs delivers good accuracy with RWS brand #11 caps. Remington, Dynamit Nobel and CCI also make #11 percussion caps which can be tried out.

Types of Nipples

The standard nipple on the Gibbs #USA 484-3 (3 pack) is made from Beryllium and is available from Pedersoli dealers. A lower priced steel nipple is available as part # USA 470-3 (3 pack). The Beryllium nipple lasts much longer and resists fouling and corrosion better. Standard steel nipples should be replaced after every 40 shots have been fired in order to maintain accuracy. A special platinum lined nipple is recommended for serious match shooting because it resists fouling better and has a very long life. Due to the heat and corrosive gasses, nipple threads can become stuck and resist removal. It is always recommended to use Teflon plumbers tape or some anti-seize liquid on the nipple threads when installing any type of nipple.

Shooting the Gibbs

Each shooter will develop their own holding and sighting technique according to type of rules and course of fire involved. Most (but not all) of the top shooters suggest holding the stock very firmly in the wrist and forearm. We suggest you try this type of firm holding before settling on some other type of hold. To get you started on sight elevation settings we offer the following settings which work for the 540 gr. Higginbottom-Rigby bullet as well as for the 535 gr. Pedersoli bullets. Muzzle velocity is 1300-1325 fps using 100 gr. of Swiss 1½ powder. If your load chronographs at similar speeds these elevation figures should be very close to right for you.

100 yards minus 13 minutes on elevation scale.
200 yards zero (0′)
300 yards up 12′
500 yards up 44′
600 yards up 59′
800 yards up 95′
900 yards up 112′
1000 yards up 130′

Your sight may be marked differently so just use the minutes variations from your 200 yard setting and make your own sight setting chart after you see what your rifle and load does at each distance.

Thanks to the Experts

Many shooters gave generously of their hard learned tips and recommendations so as to make your Gibbs shoot better and sooner. Do your part by helping others and sharing your own knowledge. Special thanks to Gibbs shooter Joe Hepsworth, holder of NRA records for 800, 900, 1000 yards and the Creedmoor record plus Steve Garbe, Dan Theodore, Blake Eckard, Heinz Staak, Alfred Schings and many others.

Written and prepared by Dick Trenk
Competition Events Coordinator, Davide Pedersoli & Co.

Summary of Pedersoli Gibbs Accessories Part Numbers

USA 308-451 535gr. special Gibbs bullet mould. Single cavity .451″ diameter bullet (with grease grooves).
USA 316 mould handles.
USA 349-09 Cleaning/loading rod 39.25″ long, with muzzle protector.
USA 346 Long brass 37.7″ funnel for pouring powder right down into the chamber without any powder contacting the rifling.
USA 484-3 Beryllium nipples for the Gibbs (longer lasting and less fouling than steel nipples) 3 in a pack.
USA 470-3 Steel nipples, 3 in a pack.
USA 488 Bullet grease, Pedersoli Lubriblack.
USA 514-450 Bullet sizer for .451″ bullet.
USA 492-450 Bullet greaser for .451″ bullet.

To see the full catalog of Pedersoli special products for Gibbs and other guns go to All catalog items can be ordered by all Pedersoli dealers through their main Pedersoli distributor.