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This lot was sold at auction in October 2002 for US$4542.50
Auctioneer: James D. Julia Inc.

Whitworth bullets

Dealers Catalogue Description (Lot 291)

Including empty box for “10 PATENT HEXAGONAL PROJECTILES” by Manchester Ordnance & Rifle Co. CONDITION: Stained on one end, slightly dirty. Soldered tin box identified as grease or wax for snipers rifle. One side has “COPPER CAxxxD” stamped into it. A red Japan tin box for 40 approximately .45 cal. bullets with a removable tray containing one Whitworth projectile and four fired .45 cal. Bullets and a flat tin bullet box for the twenty .45 Cal. bullets. These tins are shown on page 13 of “The Confederate Whitworth Sharpshooters” by John Morrow. CONDITION: Bubbling of Japan finish on lid, otherwise fine. Flat black Japan tin box for 20 .45 cal bullets. CONDITION: Most of the Japaning is gone, otherwise fine.