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Hold the cartridge in the left band by the first and second fingers and the thumb, with the trap downwards, the muzzle of the gun being held at the same time against the palm of the left hand by the third and fourth fingers. Insert the cartridge into the conical recess of the muzzle, and hold it there.

Hold the ramrod in the right hand by the second, third, and fourth fingers; and with the first finger and the thumb withdraw the trap of the cartridge by the parchment flap. The flap is slightly bound to the cartridge by a thin band, which will tear by a lateral pull, and allow of the easy withdrawal of the trap. A very gentle downward pressure of the cartridge into the muzzle will suffice to keep it in its place, and prevent its being disturbed by the pulling out of the trap.

The trap, when drawn out, may be thrown away, and the ramrod is to be used to press down the ball and charge through the cartridge case, into the barrel, home. The ramrod is then withdrawn through the cartridge case, which may be thrown away, and the loading is complete.

The rifle should be loaded when at half cock, to ensure the penetration of the powder into the chamber.

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