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Long Range Target Rifle Shooting

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Long range target rifle development. Gunmaker histories and rifles. Ammunition, including contemporary loading comment and experiments. Rifle and shooting accessories.


Contemporary information and historical articles. Long range rifle fire. Rifle Associations and Clubs. Wimbledon, Dollymount, Creedmoor and the international matches.


Queen's prize winners were hailed as hero's. Thousands of spectators witnessed the long range international matches. Who were these riflemen that attracted such public attention....?

Personal Papers

Biographies, personal papers collections, correspondence, manuscripts and other published material relating to individuals associated with long range rifle fire.

Target Shooting

Target shooting with the black powder rifle today. Muzzle loading and breech loading, sporting and military. Accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, rifles, techniques and tips.

Research Projects

Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. Web space to seek assistance, publish news and progress updates can be provided if you have a research project with a view to publishing the results. See: Research Projects

ResearchPressUK RT @NRAofUK: I posted 59 photos on Facebook in the album "Historic Service Rifle Match"
ResearchPressUK RT @BritishCarbines: GUN OF THE WEEK 3 band Snider rifle, converted from a muzzle loading Enfield rifle #snider
ResearchPressUK RT @historicfirearm: Prince's patent rifle was an early 'bolt-action' breech loader dating from the 1850s-60s - #his
ResearchPressUK @historicfirearm Check your emails!
ResearchPressUK @historicfirearm Do you have R.J. Wilkinson-Latham article #Prince's #Carbines from Guns Review November 1971? I can copy
ResearchPressUK @historicfirearm I have the 7 volume set #Patents for #Inventors, Class 119 #SmallArms 1855-1930. Plus a single book of similar 1588-1858
ResearchPressUK @historicfirearm Hans Busk book on The Rifle was also reprinted in the 1970s - I'll likely have more in my library, will check.
ResearchPressUK @historicfirearm #Prince #BreachLoader featured in Busk's book 'The Rifle' (1859) - Patent 386 / 1855 and later. Trialled at Hythe July 1855