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Long Range Target Shooting & Associated History

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  • Sir Joseph Whitworth, Bart. - This memoir and portrait appeared in 'The National Portrait Gallery', published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London, c1878. Four series of portraits, bound in 2 volumes, were published. Each series has twenty full-page colour plates of portraits taken from photgraphs. Each portrait has the prinited signature of the subject. The accompanying texts (referred to as Memoirs) are written in the third person by an unnamed writer, and are on prominent British men from the 1800s.

    Sir Joseph Whitworth, Bart. A memoir, 1878, published in 'The National Portrait Gallery'
    gunmakerhistory.blogspot.comSir Joseph Whitworth, Bart. A memoir, 1878, published in 'The National Portrait Gallery'

  • I understand that there are plans in place for 800, 900 and 1000 yard events over 5 days during the NMLRA 'Western National Shoot' at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in 2017. More details in due course hopefully...

  • The Times (London), Tuesday, 10 December 1901 The death took place suddenly, at his residence at Duddingston, near Edinburgh, on Saturday night (7 December), of Mr. DANIEL FRASER, a member of the Queen’s Edinburgh Volunteer Brigade. Mr. Fraser, who was 53 years of age, was one of the best-known shots in the country. He attended the National Rifle Association meeting in 1868, and from that time never missed a meeting. He won the Duke of Cambridge’s Prize in 1869 and the Queen’s Prize badges eight times, his last badge being for third place in the final stage of the competition.
  • Long range target shooting with the muzzle loading rifle offers the discerning rifleman opportunity to participate in a challenging and ultimately very rewarding discipline. The sport is rich in heritage and the origins of some of todays national shooting associations stem from the muzzle loading era.

    Long Range Muzzle Loading (LRML): Historical Background & Shooting Today
    riflesandmarksmanship.blogspot.comLong Range Muzzle Loading (LRML): Historical Background & Shooting Today

  • There were two days of shooting long range muzzle loading (LRML) rifle at Bisley, 20/21 August 2016. Very windy conditions made for tricky shooting at 900, 1000, 1100 & 1200 yards... the rain on the first detail at 900 yards didn't help very much either! Competitions comprised the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) National 900 and 1000 yard Rifle Championships, and the Long Range Rifles Branch of the MLAGB 'Metford Trophy'. The latter is an aggregate match comprising 15 shots at each distance, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. The 1000 yard stage was held concurrently with the MLAGB Championship. Rifles used were broadly from the 1860-1880 period; charges typically used were 90-100 grains FFg, with 530-560 grain paper patched bullet. Original Gibbs-Metford and Rigby match rifles were in use, plus modern reproductions.


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ResearchPressUK RT @LongRangeRifles: Metford Trophy results available. #LongRange #MuzzleLoading #Rifle at #Bisley 1000, 1100, 1200yd #LRML #blackpowder ht…
ResearchPressUK Sir Joseph #Whitworth - Memoir appeared in 'The National Portrait Gallery', pub. London, c1878. #civilwar #rifle
ResearchPressUK Henry-Fraser #TargetRifle: joint British Patent by #Edinburgh #gunmakers A.Henry & D. Fraser
ResearchPressUK A Brief History of D Fraser #Scottish #gunmaker of a falling block breech loading #rifle. #ElchoShield team member
ResearchPressUK #Longrange #targetshooting with #muzzleloading #rifle offers discerning riflemen participation in challenging sport
ResearchPressUK Rain played with us again today at #Bisley, but not enough to stop the shooting! Very windy conditions 900 & 1000yd #muzzleloading #rifle
ResearchPressUK Rain stopped play at #Bisley this a.m.; no fun wet shooting. Spent useful 2.5hrs researching in @NRAofUK museum instead. Lots to see & learn
ResearchPressUK Home for weekend; #Canadian Pavilion #Bisley. May be seeing more of this & less of #rifle ranges looking at forecast