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Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
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Target Rifles Long range target rifles are scarce and highly prized collectors items today. Information on rifles by the famous and less well known gunmakers.
Long Range Rifle Fire Historical perspectives and contemporary information. Wimbledon, Dollymount, Creedmoor and the international matches. 19th Century riflemen.
Shooters Reference Shooting the long range black powder rifle. Accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, rifles, techniques and tips.
Firearms Historical development of firearms. Gunpowder, ignition systems and ammunition. Musketry and small arms trials. British firearms texts.
Volunteer Infantry Organisation and history of the British Volunteer Movement (1859-1908). County precedence and the Territorial Regiments.
Research Projects Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. News and progress updates on current projects.

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