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Historical Firearms, Long Range Target Shooting & Military History


Military Marksmanship: For the soldier to take advantage of the advances in firearms technology, so musketry instruction needed to evolve to meet changing military tactics and capabilities.

The Art of Shooting with the Rifle: Contemporary articles, historical perspectives, and advice for the rifleman.

Long Range Muzzle Loading: Long range target shooting with the muzzle loading rifle offers the discerning rifleman opportunity to participate in a challenging and ultimately very rewarding discipline. The sport is rich in heritage and the origins of many of todays national shooting associations stem from the muzzle loading era.

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle: was established in 2003 and finally closed in 2022 (albeit after a long period without update). The following articles have been retrieved from archive, and while many are quite old now they still contain relevant and useful information.

The National Rifle Association (UK): Late in 1859 the National Rifle Association (NRA) was fomed and its aims included "the encouragement of Volunteer Rifle Corps and the promotion of rifle shooting throughout Great Britain."

Creedmoor and the International Rifle Matches: Origins of the National Rifle Association in America, the establishment of Creedmoor Rifle Range and the international long range rifle matches.

19th Century Riflemen: The 19th Century saw a huge growth in interest in rifle target shooting. Queen's Prize winners were hailed as hero's and thousands of spectators turned up to witness the long range international matches. Who were these riflemen that attracted such public attention....?

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