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Events featured include muzzle and breech loading black powder rifle target shooting at distances of 200 yards and beyond.



Throughout the year the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) and the Long Range Rifles (LRR) Branch of the MLAGB run a series of long range muzzle loading events at Bisley, UK. Shoots are generally held over 2-3 days. LRR have published a combined calendar of the mid and long range events for 2018.

Research Press Library

The Research Press Library downloads have been reorganised. Contents currently include a list of English and Welsh gunsmiths and gunmakers from around 1550 to about 1850, studies of gunmakers of Oxford, Probin gunmakers of 18th Century Birmingham, and Ketland guns in America. In addition, three articles discuss and illustrate the barrel markings found on provincially made British firearms. All are free pdf downloads, available via Research Press Publishing.