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'British Gunlock Makers' by Tony Gibbs-Murray is the result of many years of research during the author’s retirement. The book was first on show at the Thomas Del Mar antique gun fair at Hammersmith on 29th February 2020. Five chapters introduce the subject, then approaching 200 pages provide a comprehensive directory of those involved in the trade, including Filers, Forgers, Makers, Suppliers, and the period that they were working. A further eight Appendices provide supplementary information. This is sure to become the definitive reference on the subject, and sits nicely alongside Nigel Brown’s three volume directory of ‘British Gunmakers’.

Only 150 copies have been printed of this high-quality illustrated hardback book. It is dedicated to Tony’s wife, Maureen, whom he lost in 2013. Customers include The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and friends of the authors at Purdey’s.

>> SOLD OUT - 24 June 2022 <<


British Gunlock Makers