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  • Probable birth year of Robert ADAMS Sr. at Marldon, Devon. (Ledger 11/10/1971)
  • (Robert ADAMS age given as 50 in 1841 Census, if same person birth year c1791). (PHAB)


  • William POWELL with Joseph SIMMONS at 3 Bartholomew Road, London and 48 High Street and 9 ½ Carr’s Lane in 1833. (PHAB, Cochran)


  • (Birth of N P AMES, died 23/4/1847). (PHAB)


  • British Ordnance Dept takes over Armoury Mills at Lewisham, London, to make muskets locks and barrels. (Blackmore, p271)
  • James PURDEY joined Joseph MANTON. (PHAB)


  • Government arms factory opened in London. Probably Allen Street. (Liverpool FA pamphlet)


  • James WEBLEY born.


  • Elisha K ROOT born, Ludlow, Mass. USA.


  • Alleged birth date of Robert ADAMS, 31/12/1809. (Baptism Cert. 29/5/1971)


  • Birth of J T AMES. (Jake Chamberlain 2/9/1971)
  • Baptism of Robert ADAMS 23/1/1810. (Corbett 29/5/1971)


  • Birth of Nicholas ADAMS? Son of Robert and Mary Adams. (Rev. Laudon 7/3/1958)
  • Malleable iron casting introduced in England. (Allen, p36)


  • Birth or baptismal year for Mary Ann ADAMS, daughter of Robert and Mary Adams. (Rev. Laudon 7/3/1959)
  • Government arms factory begun at Enfield. (Liverpool FA pamphlet)
  • Philip WEBLEY born.
  • J ADAMS appointed a committee member of the Birmingham Gun Trade. 1/4/1813. (Harris, p27)
  • John ADAMS mentioned in Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof Act, 1813, as a Warden of the Proof House. (Harris, pp30, 99)
  • The Birmingham Gun Barrel proof Act came into operation, 31/7/1813.     (Harris, p31)


  • James Wolfe RIPLEY graduates from West Point. USA.
  • 10/7/1814, Samuel COLT born at Lord’s, now Asylum, Hill, Hartford, Conn. USA. (Armsmear, p 307) – to Christopher and Sarah Caldwell Colt. (PHAB)
  • J STEVENS born Chester, Hampton County, Mass. USA 10/9/1814. (Satterlee & Gluckman, p155)
  • Birmingham Proof Figures. (Harris, p152)
  • James PURDEY opened own premises. (PHAB)


  • Birth or baptism of William ADAMS, son of Robert and Mary ADAMS. (Rev. Laudon 7/3/1959)
  • Act Amending the Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1813. (Harris, p38)
  • John ADAMS re-elected Warden of the Proof House, 20/3/1815. (Harris, p152)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)


  • Sarah ADAMS (nee Cripps?) born Shadwell, Middex. (1851 Census)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Thomas BENTLEY born.
  • William TRANTER’s birth year?, age given as 35, in 1851 Census.


  • E H COLLIER’s English Patent #4315 of 24/11/1818.
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Lewisham Small Arms Factory ordered to be consolidated with Enfield. October 1818. (Blackmore, p272)
  • T BLANCHARD builds stock turning lathe. (Rolt, p163)
  • Ames Mfg produces his lock-inletting machine. (Rolt, p163)


  • Alleged birth date of John ADAMS, of Compton, 21/4/1819. (Corbett 29/5/1971)
  • Baptism date of John ADAMS, of Compton, 2/5/1819. (Corbett 29/5/1971)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Foreign Enlistment Act, 1819.
  • Government Arms Factory at Lewisham closed. (Liverpool FA pamphlet)
  • C COOLIDGE’s French Patent of 5/8/1819.
  • London trials of E H COLLIER’s guns.