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  • £100 Birmingham Proof House subscription (bought by ADAMS, from T HEATHCOTE) transferred to KING, 15/2/1820. (Harris, p151)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)


  • Birth or baptism of Eliza ADAMS, daughter of Robert and Mary ADAMS. (Rev Laudon 7/3/1959)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)


  • London manufacture of COLLIER’s guns.
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)


  • R S RIPLEY born at Worthington, Ohio, USA 14/3/1823. (Chamberlain 14/12/1970)
  • Boston & Springfield Mfg. Co. incorporated 1/1823. (Chamberlain 10/1971)
  • James Henry BURTON, born, of English parents, Shennondale Springs, Jefferson Co. Va. USA.
  • Possible Chatham trial of COLLIER’s guns.
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • First Ashanti War till 1831 under Sir Charles MacCarthy, KIA. (PHAB – Wikipedia)


  • Richard and Charles ADAMS and three others killed, four injured in boiler explosion at Wednesbury, 12/12/1824. (Wednesbury Public Library 29/4/1959)
  • Expiry of C COOLIDGE’s French Patent.
  • Woolwich trial of Collier guns.
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p512)


  • James KERR born 6/12/1825 at Haddington in East Lothian, Scotland.
  • Probable year for substantial shipment of Collier arms to India.
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Wrighton’s Birmingham Directory, entry under gun makers for ADAMS, John and ADAMS, Walter.
  • (Iron & Steel Merchants) Sims, Tildesly & Adams. (Chamberlain 12/3/1973)
  • Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) separated from the Colony of New South Wales.


  • Possible birth date (at Westminster) of Henry ADAMS. (Ledger 7/10/1971)
  • T POULTNEY born 16/11/1826. (Chamberlain 22/3/1972)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Charles William Lancaster, at 151 New Bond Street to 1867. (PHAB)


  • Boston & Springfield Mfg. Co. becomes Chicopee Mfg. Co. (Chamberlain 10/1971)
  • John ADAMS baptised at Kingskerswell 5/10/1828. (Baptismal Cert. 12/1971)
  • Beginning of first Poultney & Trimble firm? (The American Arms Collector, 10/1957)
  • Birmingham proof figures. (Harris, p152)
  • Possible birth year of Arthur ADAMS (see 1860 entry), later of Adams & Tait. (Birmingham 15/11/1972)
  • Williams & Charles ELEY entered the ammunition trade in 1828 with a ‘Patent Wire Cartridge’ made under Jenour’s English Patent. First factory at Charlotte Street, London. Later smaller premises at Bond Street. (Eley Brothers, 1828 – 1928. J Pople-Crump Guns Review 3/1982)
  • James PURDEY born. (PHAB, Cochran)
  • London Institution of Civil Engineers was incorporated this year. (Armsmear, p120) (PHAB)


  • Nathan P AMES starts cutlery business in blacksmith shop of Chicopee Mfg. Co. (Chamberlain 10/1971 – Gun Collector #30 p358)
  • Possible birth year of John ADAMS, carpenter, of Kingskerswell. (Ledger 11/10/1971)
  • Birth year of Susan POULTNEY (nee Carroll). (The American Arms Collector 10/1959)
  • Joseph BENTLEY at 2 Sand Street, Birmingham 1829-1835. (Wm. Gammell 19/5/1989)